Sunday, September 27, 2015

Family Games

So, with a busy life, it becomes difficult to make time for fun activities. I often forget to play games with my kids and that it's ok to act silly some times. As a child I remember playing Loteria with my parents and siblings, it's like bingo, but with images. We would play it for hours. I played it with my kids this past Friday, and my 4-year-old enjoyed it, but my 12-year-old, not so much. However, once I included prices, the oldest began to enjoy the game.

So, a card with 16 images is selected by each person playing. As the images are called by someone, each person covers that image until someone gets 4 in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). Also, just like bingo, the players can play until a player covers their entire card, known as blackout.

It is fun to play :)

The other game that my oldest son likes to play is Hedbanz. He likes it because we can laugh as we act out the what is written on the card.

It's a time to act silly. Since my youngest child, has not learned how to read, I had him help me act out. It was fun seeing both of my kids enjoy themselves and act silly. We laughed so much.

I will play these games more often, to get us unplugged from our electronic devices and have more opportunities for human interaction. In other words bonding as a family.

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  1. Hi Anahi, Family games with the kids is always a great way to keep the connection. The 12 year old might not be interested in Loteria now, but knowing that mom played that same game as a child , will leave an impression! There is something special about tradition.
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