Thursday, October 22, 2015


I'm enjoying my new hobby. Is become much easier to draw. I will be learning about shading and point of perception. I have found many youtube videos that are helping me improve. I have also been visiting the art classes we offer at the high school :)
Sharing time with my kids is the greatest gain from this hobby. My two sons and I, sit at the living room table and draw. The youngest one is learning how to draw shapes. We will continue perfecting our art.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Trying to keep up

Life can get very busy sometimes. There are weeks when I don't get to spend a lot of time with my kids due to work (job and university). My oldest son, Aaron, had been asking for us to have a fun day. Sunday (10/6/15) was the only day of the week that we got to spend the whole day together. We began by going out for breakfast. After breakfast, Aaron chose an activity for us to do. He asked for us to visit Color Me Mine. This was the second time that we visited Color Me Mind. The first time both boys painted a shark. On this visit they chose different items. We enjoyed our time together. Aaron and I talked about school and other stuff. He began middle school this year. There is more to talk about now, than when he was in elementary. The youngest, Max, was thrilled to play with paint. So, now it was Max's turn to choose an activity for us to do. He chose to go to Chuck E Cheese. We ended the day with dinner and a movie at home. At the end, Aaron thanked me for spending time with them. It made me happy to spend the day with my boys. I felt much better. No longer overwhelmed. So, now I can get back to my learning something. Drawing is very fun and relaxing. Aaron decided to also pick up drawing. Below you will see a picture of him with his sketchbook and his Donald Duck drawing. He told me that his drawing turned out better than mine :) He is very competitive. I love my boys.