Sunday, September 27, 2015

More on Donald Duck

So I continue to perfect my drawings of Donald Duck. This time I used the following YouTube video that helped me draw a Donald Duck

The video lasts about 3 minutes, but it took me close to 40 minutes to finish the drawing :)

I am enjoying drawing. I think I will keep drawing as a hobby, which is what I have always wanted anyway :)
The bottom picture I drew today. I did not use any time of visuals. I think is time for me to buy a sketch pad and proper art utensils to continue my hobby. It helps me relax :)
I still have quite a bit to perfect, but I think I have had a great start. Now my older son wants me to try to draw Iron Man. Wish me good luck :)


  1. Wow! Great job on the Donald Duck with NO visuals, Anahi! I think you'll do great on the Iron Man drawing too. P.S. I love that you can find out how to do anything on youtube now a days.

    Nicole Hunter
    Teaching Assistant for Professor Fraizer
    Social Innovation, Excellence and Innovations Group
    Career and Technical Studies

  2. Natural born talent. This looks good! Keep practicing.